Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

Is your glass half empty rather than half full?

Do you wish you could be more positive about your future?

Do you wish you could deal with life’s negativity in a more positive way?

Do you shy away from taking on new challenges for fear of failure?

We can work together to look at ways to make situations achievable. We can begin to understand why you are glass half empty. We can work together to change to a positive view rather than a negative one.

​Check out or call 07850447585.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

Just because you feel different, doesn’t mean you are.

There are times in everyone’s life when things become difficult. Sometimes we do not know why we feel different or what is causing us pain.

If we can encourage young people to talk about how they feel during Children’s Mental Health Week (8-14 Feb 2016), they will grow up as adults who are able to say how they feel.

If you are a young person or adult who needs to talk, check out for a confidential one to one counselling service in Stourbridge, West Midlands.

Take control of your fear

Take control of your fear

Do you fear?

Not being able to do things that others take for granted
Not being able to join in social events
Speaking in public
Eating in restaurants
Meeting new people
Being centre of attention
Being watched whilst doing something
Being teased or criticised
Being judged
Being scrutinised by others
Being embarrassed in public
Something bad happening
Feeling out of control

Do you wish you were able to?

Go out without worrying
Enjoy going out and be confident in social situations
Live life again
Feel good about yourself
Feel in control, rather than controlled

If you were able to achieve this you would be able to:

Take control
Make new friends/relationships
Enjoy social situations
Not worry about what others think
Look for a new job
Own your own house
Have your own family

If so, call Hilary, Life Balance Counselling, 07850 447585.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

There are times when we feel insecure in our relationships. We feel unable to share exactly how we feel. We feel that we are being taken for granted and not treated equally.

Pressures including work, money and other family members can have an affect on how we feel and react with our partners, not always in a positive way.

Do you feel jealous of the things your partner does without you? Do you worry about what they are doing when you’re apart?

Do you want to get your relationship back on track?



Do you get up in a morning thinking, how will I get through today? Do you wish things would get better and go away but don’t know how to achieve this?

If you’re worrying about things in life and need assistance in dealing with these obstacles, check out We can work together to achieve the goals that you want. We can do a step by step plan using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to make your goals realistic.

You’re not the only one with these thoughts, lots of people suffer from anxiety/worry, but with the right help, you will achieve your goals. It is ok to talk and seek help.

For more information about how we can help you, please get in touch.